Greening Europe

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The project’s main objective was to strengthen the development and implementation of green infrastructure in EU regions. This was achieved through the exchange and dissemination of expertise, experience and good practices among the partners.

Key project deliverables

1. The online publication Greening Europe, which consolidates the substantive results of project activities.

2. A stakeholder database, to ensure that the relevant target group is reached and to enable future cooperation in the field of green infrastructure. If your organisation would like to be part of the database, please contact the project manager:

3. The transfer of good practices among partners, as described in the Greening Europe publication:

4. The permanent European Network for Green Infrastructure Knowledge and Experience (ENGINE), which will enable green infrastructure stakeholders across Europe to capitalise on project achievements and continue to exchange and transfer experience, expertise and good practices after the end of the GreenInfraNet project.

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