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2014 > Project news > Three films created to showcase green infrastructure across European regions

Three films created to showcase green infrastructure across European regions

December 20, 2014

For three years, 12 regions from nine European countries have worked together in the GreenInfraNet project to promote the development and implementation of green infrastructure in European regions. The role of green infrastructure is vital in a European context as it contributes to human wellbeing, biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation and helps reduce the vulnerability of ecosystems to natural disasters. The green infrastructure approach has become part of the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable growth.

Two animated films and a short documentary have been developed to help familiarise the wider public with the concept of green infrastructure and to explain its applications in rural, peri-urban and urban settings.

The natural thing to do: An introduction to the GreenInfraNet Project
This animation introduces activities carried out with the aim of preserving green areas and promoting human wellbeing. It also explains why the development of green infrastructure is essential for the preservation of ecosystems. Green spaces ensure appropriate living conditions in urban areas, while peri-urban and rural areas provide cities with fresh water and food, and the provision of such services must be integrated with other land-use objectives such as forestry, recreation and climate change adaptation.

A partnership for the future: The GreenInfraNet Project
This second animation explores the steps taken and the results achieved in putting the green infrastructure concept into practice. Partners shared their expertise in relation to management models, legal background, long-term decision making, cross-sectoral public-private partnerships and local initiatives.

Greening Europe: Promoting biological diversity in EU regions
This documentary gathers the opinions and insights of practitioners, activists, entrepreneurs and decision makers, who explain their own contributions to the promotion of green infrastructure. The film was shot in Latvia, Hungary and Italy, offering a glimpse of the beautiful and diverse landscapes that the partners are working to preserve.

The GreenInfraNet project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC Programme.

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