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2014 > Project news > Landscape architects explore Stara Gora initiatives

Landscape architects explore Stara Gora initiatives

July 14, 2014

Last June, two architects from the Landscape Department of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government participated in a study visit and dissemination event hosted by SZREDA. The meeting offered a good opportunity to exchange information about the Conca Project (Creating a green infrastructure: Landscape planning and participatory processes in the Conca Valley) and to evaluate its possible application for ongoing implementation activities in the Stara Zagora Region. The discussions dealt with the potentials of green infrastructure as a key element for sustainable and environment-oriented development.

Two ongoing initiatives in Stara Zagora region were investigated. The meeting’s first focus was on “Festival of Roses”, a traditional event that commemorates the beginning of the rose-harvesting period. The festival is nowadays concentrated mainly within the city limits, but new opportunities for eco-tourism or rural tourism could arise from its expansion into the surrounding green areas. Furthermore, special attention was given to the recently prepared “Master Plan of the Valley of Roses” in Kazanlak Municipality. The Master Plan takes into consideration different historic and architectural sites, along with natural heritage and existing hiking and bicycle paths that could be combined and developed as attractions for either tourists or locals.

On-site guided tours gave the visitors a chance to experience local landscapes and to provide practical advice on how to improve the Master Plan. They suggested an integrated GI approach that combines historic, architectural and natural heritage sites.

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