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2014 > Project news > Netherlands to host GreenInfraNet Final Conference in November

Netherlands to host GreenInfraNet Final Conference in November

July 7, 2014

The GreenInfraNet project partnership will hold its final conference, “Growing Connections”, on November 4, 2014. The Province of Flevoland will host the event in the city of Almere, the Netherlands. The conference is being organised in cooperation with the INTERREG IVC project SMART EUROPE.   

The “Growing Connections” theme establishes the common ground of SMART EUROPE and GreenInfraNet. Both projects connect people in Europe, and both projects connect issues that often belong to separate fields of policy (e.g. in GreenInfraNet, biodiversity conservation is connected with other forms of land use, like agriculture, recreation and urban planning; in SMART EUROPE, innovation is connected with job growth).

The event will bring together participants from all over Europe, including members of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), international experts and stakeholders working in the field of nature, green infrastructure, innovation and job growth. Participants will explore how these policies can be connected, and results of both projects will also be presented at the conference.

The final Monitoring Board and Steering Committee meeting will take place on November 3, while a study visit will take place on the morning of November 5.


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