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Flevoland Province Council (Netherlands)

Partner organisation Flevoland Province Council
Location Netherlands
Activities Flevoland is the newest province of the Netherlands, occupying land reclaimed from the sea in the 20th century. Flevoland has almost 400,000 inhabitants, most of them living in rapidly growing cities. Flevoland is governed by a regional body concerned with issues such as traffic and transport; enterprise and employment; and nature, water and landscape. The province has great ambitions for green energy, in which wind energy plays an important role. There are already many wind turbines, and plans for further wind farms are being developed and realised. In order to strengthen both the economy and ecology, integrated nature and spatial development planning is essential. Such integrated planning allows the Province of Flevoland to realise advantages of scale in ecological terms, and creates sufficient support for protected species and habitats so that new projects and activities no longer represent a threat to the ecological balance.
Contact information Ingrid Henzen, Project Manager
Flevoland Province Council
PO Box 55
8200 AB Lelystad, the Netherlands
Tel.: (31) (0)320 265 676
Mob.:  (31) (0)6 18 30 40 33
  Flevoland Province 
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