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GreenSpace: Issue 6

The final issue of the newsletter explores how exchanges and support among the partners will continue after the end of the project. Summing up the final project conference, held in the Netherlands, Ingrid Henzen,GreenInfraNet project manager, describes how ecologists and economists share the same objectives. An interview with the Joint Technical Secretariat of the INTERREG IVC Programme, which made the project possible, highlights the sustainable results that have been achieved over the past two and half years. Further articles present the most recent partner activities and introduce the main project output: the European Network for Green Infrastructure Knowledge and Experience (ENGINE).

GreenSpace: Issue 5

The editorial in issue 5 describes the efforts being made by the European Commission to protect the ecosystem services that contribute to human wellbeing. As knowledge and information are recognised as key to preserving ecosystem benefits, the issue reports on progress made in the creation of the project’s European Network for Green Infrastructure Knowledge and Experience (ENGINE), which will be established by the end of 2014. The newsletter also contains reports from several workshops and study visits and summarises the status of best practice transfers between project partner regions.

GreenSpace: Issue 4

Issue 4 focuses on the transfer of best practices between partner regions, which is at the heart of the GreenInfraNet project. The three-stage process for the selection of best practices is outlined and progress is described in relation to four transfers. The editorial, contributed by Mathieu Fichter of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, discusses the multiple benefits of Cohesion Policy investments in green infrastructure, while other articles showcase the successful application of the green infrastructure concept in Flevoland, and progress towards the creation of the project's Green Infrastructure Knowledge Network.

GreenSpace: Issue 3

GreenSpace Issue 3 details the GreenInfraNet project’s involvement in the transfer of best practices through meetings and workshops held in Barcelona, Spain; Plovdiv, Bulgaria; and Ghajnsielem, Malta. Also in the newsletter: Bert Gijsberts, new chair of the Monitoring Board, introduces himself; the Conca Project brings a vibrant, outdoor arts festival to Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region; efforts are under way to preserve the arboreal delights of Ayazmato Park in Bulgaria’s Stara Zagora region; and Spain’s Garraf Natural Park provides plenty of habitat management challenges.

GreenSpace: Issue 2

Issue 2 of the Green Infrastructure Network newsletter features reports from the project's first and second exchange of experience workshops, held in Fingal, Ireland and Szentendre, Hungary. It also highlights best practice examples from three of the partner regions, illustrating how the green infrastructure concept is being implemented in regional planning solutions.


GreenSpace: Issue 1

We are delighted to present the first issue of GreenSpace, the official newsletter of the GreenInfraNet project. This first issue introduces the partnership and outlines the project objectives. It also explains the green infrastructure concept and highlights the related challenges and opportunities. The editorial was contributed by the chairwoman of the Green Infrastructure Network Monitoring Board, Anne Bliek-de Jong, from the Province of Flevoland.

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