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Reaping Results

October 2014

Launched in April 2012, the Green Infrastructure Network (GreenInfraNet) is a partnership of 11 regions in nine European countries. The partners have aimed over the past three years to encourage policy makers; national, regional and local authorities; civil society organisations; and private companies to cultivate natural assets in order to promote a more integrated inclusive and resource-efficient society in line with Europe’s 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The partnership’s final publication, Greening Europe — Promoting Green Infrastructure Good Practices in EU Regions, is a compendium of results achieved and knowledge and experience gained over the past three years. This leaflet provides brief perspectives on outcomes and accomplishments to date from each of the 11 project partners, even as they continue to work together through the European Network for Green Infrastructure Knowledge and Experience (ENGINE).

Sharing Success - Transferring a spatial planning methodology

September 2014

This factsheet, which has been produced in English and Hungarian, describes the transfer of the Territorial information System for the Network of Open Areas in the Province of Barcelona (SITxell) to the Central Hungary region. The integrated geographic information system assesses natural and socioeconomic land values as a basis for green infrastructure policies, and was used by Hungarian partners to develop a new approach to harmonising the needs of natural areas with spatial planning aspects in two pilot micro-regions in Central Hungary.

Growing Connections

September 2012

This leaflet introduces the GreenInfraNet project and provides a brief explanation of the green infrastructure concept. It outlines the objectives shared by the 12 project partners and describes the expected project results and outputs.

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