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Greening Europe

Green infrastructure development strategies and process management


Green infrastructure is a planning tool for optimising the various benefits generated by green spaces. Development strategies therefore embrace a range of different sectors, requiring policy development and implementation to be well coordinated, or preferably highly integrated.

Because green infrastructure is usually developed at the level of landscape or region, is a long-term process, operates across a range of administrative units and addresses a large number of stakeholders, there are big demands in terms of process management. This covers the process by which green infrastructure is planned and delivered, and how that process is managed throughout the development and implementation phases. It includes creating long-term policy frameworks, ensuring that appropriate implementing instruments are available, long-term budgeting, organising data collection and analysis, setting up dialogue with all stakeholders and communicating results to all interested parties.

The experience of the GreenInfraNet partners with regard to development strategies and process management is varied: it is determined not only by local needs and experience but also by national policy frameworks, institutional factors and funding opportunities.

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