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Ghajnsielem Municipality (Malta)

Partner organisation Ghajnsielem Municipality
Location Malta
Activities The municipality of Ghajnsielem lies on the south-eastern coast of the Island of Gozo, Malta, and includes the whole of the minor island of Comino. Ghajnsielem Local Government was established in 1993 following the approval by the Maltese Parliament of the Local Councils Act, 1993, which made it possible for local councils to become local governments. The local government is responsible for, among other things, ensuring the collection and removal of all refuse; and the implementation, rehabilitation, restoration, maintenance and redevelopment of public parks, gardens and green areas. Ghajnsielem is developing and implementing “ECO GOZO”, a policy and strategy formulated by the Ministry for Gozo. The aim is to transform Gozo into a sustainable society, environmentally, socially and economically. The municipality is also a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors that promotes full audits on energy savings and carbon footprint.
Contact information Lucienne Haber
Ghajnsielem Local Council
Appartition Square
GSM 1900 Ghajnsielem, Gozo
Tel.: (356) 7920 4573
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