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Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy)

Partner organisation Emilia-Romagna Region
Location Italy
Activities Although it has a high level of urbanisation, Emilia-Romagna has an important natural heritage, including conservation areas and Natura 2000 sites. This heritage comprises 17 national, regional and provincial parks, 17 wildlife reserves, 153 Natura 2000 sites and a further 36 conservation areas (known as “ecological re-balance areas” and “natural landscapes”). Emilia-Romagna is one of the richest Italian regions in terms of habitats and species, including coastal habitats, wetland habitats in the Po valley (the Po Delta, lagoons and marshlands) and Apennine habitats, featuring the biggest travertine and gypsum caves in Italy. The region manages this precious natural heritage by trying to combine the conservation of habitats and species with the sustainable development of the human population.
Contact information Laura Punzo
Emilia-Romagna Region
Urban Planning, Landscape and Sustainable Land Use Sector
viale Aldo Moro 30
40127 Bologna
Tel.: (39 051) 527 6089
Fax: (39 051) 527 6052
  Emilia-Romagna Region
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