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2014 > July - September > Emilia-Romagna hosts dissemination event on Green infrastructure

Emilia-Romagna hosts dissemination event on Green infrastructure

July 7, 2014

The dissemination event "Infrastrutture verdi e paesaggio" (Green Infrastructure and Landscape), organised by project partner Emilia-Romagna Region, took place on July 7, 2014, at the headquarters of Emilia-Romagna Regional Government.

The aims of the event were to build an advocacy campaign for the inclusion of the green infrastructure approach at national level and to raise awareness of the relevance of green infrastructure for European policy making. A more specific goal was to share GreenInfraNet project results in Emilia-Romagna Region. The project team is convinced that only through awareness raising and cooperation between different disciplines will it be possible to push through green infrastructure measures at national and regional level.

Several regional executives attended the event, as did many stakeholders involved in spatial planning, agriculture, parks and protected areas, tourism and soil conservation.

After a short introduction by the chief of the Parks Department, Barbara Fucci provided a definition of green infrastructure and an overview of its objectives, highlighting the most relevant European and national documents on the subject.

Next, Laura Punzo explained the purposes, ongoing actions and results of the GreenInfraNet project, stressing the multidisciplinary, multipurpose and multi-scale features of green infrastructure and the GreenInfraNet partnership.

Monica Palazzini and Willer Simonati of the Parks Department explored the deeper role of green infrastructure in safeguarding biodiversity, after which Enrico Cancila sparked a fruitful discussion with his presentation on the economic enhancements of green infrastructure.

Andrea Filpa, professor of architecture at Università Roma 3, concluded the event with a presentation demonstrating how Emilia-Romagna's approach to regional green infrastructure is in line with the objectives of the GreenInfraNet implementation plan.

Participants had an opportunity to make comments and raise questions during the morning session. Two topics that emerged, which will be discussed further at future events, were compensation for ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure, and the relationship between biodiversity and agriculture.

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