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2014 > April - June > Partners tackle busy agenda in Valencia

Partners tackle busy agenda in Valencia

April 10, 2014

GreenInfraNet project partners convened in Valencia, Spain on April 9-10, 2014 and proceeded through a packed agenda that included a dissemination event, networking event, steering committee meeting, knowledge network meeting, best practice transfer workshop, and a visit to Manises—a natural area along the Turia River. The two-day event took place at the Regional Ministry for Infrastructure, Territory and Environment. The earlier publication of event details on the INTERREG IVC website provided greater visibility.

The dissemination event on the morning of April 9 featured both an overview of the GreenInfraNet project and presentations on: ‘Land planning and green infrastructure’, ‘Ecosystem services evaluation’ and ‘Enhancement of ecological interactions within green infrastructure’. General Director for Natural Environment Salomé Pradas chaired the session and shared opening remarks with Bert Gijsberts, chairman of the monitoring board of the GreenInfraNet project.

In the afternoon, Gijsberts chaired the GreenInfraNet project’s 5th Steering Committee Meeting, which covered several important issues, starting with an overview of project activities and finances. Anita Kocic from the REC updated participants on communication activities (Component 2), including website restructuring, forthcoming newsletter content and translation and the project’s upcoming final publication. Elina Lice followed with an overview of the content and progress of the three project videos, after which partners were asked to provide feedback about the planned movies.

Since the GreenInfraNet project seeks collaboration with other projects, the Valencia meeting provided a good opportunity to combine the best practice on forest management with the Life+ project Renaix el Bosc. Life+ project coordinator, Daniel Arizpe, appreciated the chance to link Renaix el Bosc activities with relevant synergies of GreenInfraNet during the scheduled networking event.

The final session covered exchange of experiences and an overview of best practice transfers and policy improvements (Component 3), with discussion led by Gloria Ortiz. Turning next to the Green Infrastructure Knowledge Network (GIKN), Eleftherios Loizou summed up progress made to date. The meeting concluded with a description of a follow-up project in the new INTERREG Europe programme, and the agreement to hold the next meeting and final project conference on November 3-4, 2014.

The next day’s morning session, led by Gloria Ortiz, featured a series of in-depth presentations from best practice importers. The practices covered included: GIS schemes for GI analysis and implementation (BP3); integrating GI into spatial plans at local level (BP 4); landscape planning and participatory processes (BP7); forest management (BP9); and connecting urban GIs to natural areas and parks (BP15).

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